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What is a CFD?

Feature Rich CFD Trading Bot

CFDHero offers multiple strategies such as DCA, Grid, Advanced and more that can be deployed easily in a few minutes

Backtest Your Strategies

Assess your bot's strategy in our superfast backtest engine. Deploy it in our Paper exchange to test it risk-free

Bots Marketplace

Not sure how to configure your own trading bots? Simply rent one from our Marketplace to get started fast!

TradingView Compatible

Integrate CFDHero with TradingView and get the bots to buy or sell whenever a signal is received

As Easy As 1-2-3

Intelligent trading made easy

Anyone can now be an algorithmic or quant trader with CFDHero's user-friendly interface. There is no need to run any software. No coding skills are needed. Just login, set and go!

Set your entry conditions, take profit or stop loss easily in just a few clicks. CFDHero also offers features for advanced CFD traders. No other CFD trading bot comes close!

CFDHero easy to use trading interface

Our proprietary and powerful Hero trading bot platform has enabled more than a million trades since 2021

1M ++

Total filled trades



What Makes Us Special

Although we take great pride in the quality of our software, we as a team understand that what matters most are often the intangibles. Those qualities are what drive us to create the best CFD trading bot for our users.


Our CEO and Founder has been investing and trading since the 1990s. In addition, the core team has been working on the Hero trading bots since 2019. We will be here for you - today and tomorrow.


From product development to customer support, passion drives us to deliver exceptional service. We will go out of our way to make sure our users' support requests are taken care of. Even on Christmas!

Never Settle

We are constantly pushing the limits of CFDHero! If it is good for our users, we will build it. A major version release is just a milestone for something greater. Our development motto - The Best Is Not Enough.

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