CFDHero Features

A CFD Trading Bot for New and Advanced Traders

That 1% Matters

Refreshing and modern UI

  • CFDHero's user interface has been designed to be extremely easy to understand and onboard for new users

  • Setup your strategies easily with few clicks

  • Rent preset strategies from our Bots Marketplace

features for CFD trading
intelligent AI trading
Trade Intelligently

Works for bull, bear and range markets

CFDHero offers a suite of easy to use and intelligent bots that allow you to profit from all market conditions. Our bots offer traders the ability to execute:

  • Long and Short Strategies

  • Advanced Strategies such as Trailing Take Profit

  • Scalping Strategy for Range Bound

  • Dollar Cost Averaging and Grid Strategies

  • Many More

Super Fast Backtest

CFDHero's proprietary backtest engine has been honed over the years to provide near-immediate results for your bots' settings.

Unlimited Backtesting
  • CFDHero offers our users unlimited backtests. Test as much as you want until you are satisfied with your strategy.

  • View detailed trades for each backtest

  • Compare performance metrics such as Sharpe Ratio and Max Drawdown for each backtest

Total Backtests Performed

+10 Million

100+ backtests per second

  • Powerful backtest engine

  • Custom period backtest

1.2 second

Average time per backtest

super fast backtest
backtest feature

Bots Marketplace

New to automated trading and not sure to do? Simply rent any of the bots setup by experienced users to get going! You can even submit your high-performing bots to us and earn extra income by leasing them to our users.

CFD Trading Bots Marketplace

Test Your Bots Risk-Free

After you are satisfied with the backtest results of your bots, you can deploy them on our Paper exchange. CFDHero's Paper exchange simulates real time market data and executes trades for you without using real capital.

Test your bot strategy in CFDHero Paper exchange
CFDHero integrates TradingView
Automate your CFD trading
Use CFDHero as a CFD signal generator

Enjoy Better Quality of Life

Let CFDHero monitor and trade multiple CFD instruments for you! CFDHero reads market data in real time and executes trades for you automatically.

Use CFDHero to trade CFDs in Web, iOS and Android apps

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